Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Featured in Creative Loafing!

This week's Creative Loafing had a nice article about the lunchbox show. I am very excited to have a mention in one of the lead paragraphs!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lunchbox Show at Alcove Gallery: The show

The show was a great success, and the variety of content was pretty incredible. Most people opted to paint directly on the lunchbox, but there were a few amazing sculptures (a lunchbox gone mad [above], a urinal, and a giant robot), and some modifications (pal Kevin Rej's insanely detailed pen & ink Movie Monster lunchbox had a light installed to backlight the front panel).

When my family and I stopped by to check out the show, we were greeted by girls in plaid skirts hanging from a ring dangling from the ceiling, and a really great turnout. Unfortunately we didn't stay long. Our dinner beforehand took a really long time and our 3-year-old was spent by the time we arrived. I wasn't able to get very many pictures, but there are images up here on Alcove's website: LINK. Georgia Public Broadcasting was there filming, so I will update a post with links and hopefully video if it becomes available.

I do have to give a HUGE THANKS and major plug to James Thorpe from Graphic Communications in Lawrenceville, GA who generously and unexpectedly donated the printing of my piece. In addition to the great customer service, they did a fantastic job with the printing. You can find out more about Graphic Communications here: LINK.

For you citizens of Atlanta, the show runs until May 9th.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lunchbox Show @ Alcove Gallery

I just finished up a custom lunchbox design for a gallery show at Alcove Gallery in Atlanta. The show is this Saturday from 7PM-12AM. Link for more information HERE. Every artist customized their own, and my understanding is that there are over 70 different lunchboxes in the show. If you are in the Atlanta area, you should check it out. I will post some pictures from the opening in a subsequent post.

Some technical deets: I did the piece digitally and had it output with UV resistant inks on adhesive and hand-mounted it to the lunchbox with a decal squeegee.