Sunday, August 24, 2008

New website!

So I haven't officially launched it yet, and I'm not finished with it by any means (have LOTS to organize/tweak), but I thought I would float it out there and solicit feedback in-progress. I signed up for Apple's Mobile Me this weekend (thanks, H!) and put together a portfolio site using iWeb. I'm still new to the whole site-dev thing but I did successfully arrive in the 21st century by purchasing some domain names and I now have at least something up and running, even if it's popsicle-stick and glue style...

I am curious to know if the interface is intuitive and seems aesthetically pleasing (I thought minimal would be a good approach to let the work speak for itself) or if it just looks slapdash. Obviously Apple makes it easy to grab and go and it's incredibly convenient for me, but I'd love to know others' opinions looking at it fresh.

The site is solely for portfolio and resume, so don't expect any fancy flash games or scantily clad vixens. Sorry. Hopefully once I get this thing figured out I will put together a separate illustration site.

Thanks in advance for your feedback! Hope you're all having a great summer.


UPDATE: So apparently I'm not as savvy as I thought. Not surprising... I guess the site doesn't work on browsers other than Safari. I will look into it and see how to address that. Sorry!

UPDATE UPDATE: After speaking with Apple support, it appears that Firefox 3 will support it, so it was an upgrade issue. All should work fine if you have the latest versions of your browsers.