Saturday, September 29, 2007

Punched in the Head Logo

Some friends of mine who have a production company in NY needed a logo, so we set out to give them a nice edgy brand. They do alot of work for MTV: Punched in the Head Productions. My friend Joe built out the site and we worked together on the end credit animation. It was a lot of fun... If I can figure out how to post video, I'll put it up.

I just looked back through the logo concepts, there were some good choices there... I love the brain getting pummeled...The Ralph Steadman-esque one wasn't bad either. This is just a selection of the many I presented. I really appreciate the opportunity to work on the project. Thanks Craig, Amelia and Joe!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Funny Self Portrait Circa 2002

When I definitely had more time on my hands! I was experimenting with custom brushes in Illustrator trying to replicate the Warhol/Fotheringham linework in vector. This was somewhere in the Illustrator 9/Illustrator 10 Era before all those artistic brushes were really common libraries. It was fun nonetheless.

Trees, Brains & Gradient Mesh

The whole brain/trees thing has been a running theme for a few years now. I guess I didn't realize the true distance between my pieces. These paintings were from a show in 2005. The Rooster piece was a test from 2002 I'm guessing when Adobe Illustrator started integrating the Gradient Mesh tool, or when I decided I needed to fool with it. Can't believe it's been that long... man.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Inaugural Post

So it's official, this first post will bring up to date some of my most recent works. Hopefully this will kickstart a trend and get me off my fat rear and into doing more regular art. Enjoy!

We start with a digital hand-drawn piece for a Tiki show at Alcove Gallery in Atlanta, a hand screen printed piece for Alcove, and paintings in the Cartoon Madness 2 show at Alcove.

Bear with me as I figure out the internets.